Painting with Jesse Week #9: It’s an Abstract World & More!

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for checking in this week. This is the 9th week of Painting with Jesse. Only one more to go.

This Week…

So, this week I tried a couple of new things. First thing is that I tried making an abstract painting for the first time. And secondly, I used oil paints for the first time. I also painted another more traditional painting just for the heck of it. Overall, it was a fun, interesting week of trying out new things.

My Oil Paints

Using Oil Paints and Abstract Painting

This week was the first time I have used oil paints. I recently bought a pack of small oil paints from Amazon for about 20$. Oil paints seem to cost a lot more than acrylic paints. Although 20$ is not that much for the paint you do not get a lot of paint. Some popular colors may only last a few paintings. Anyway, I just received the oil paints so I thought I would try them out. I found that oil paints are a lot thicker than acrylic paints. They don’t break down and become watery like some acrylics tend to do. This means that oil paints can spread very evenly and thickly. It also takes a bit more to spread it around because it is so thick. Oil paints also give you that nice texture that you just can’t get with acrylic paints. Oil paints also take a lot longer to dry. For instance, the painting in this blog took almost 24 hours to fully dry because of the thickness and texture of the paint I put on.

The Colours I Used
Lining up the Paints


For these reasons, this is why oil paintings work so well for abstract art. This week I decided to try something completely different and quite frankly bizarre to me and try my hand at some abstract art. I found a painting tutorial from YouTuber SurajFineArts – Abstract ART. I followed his video “Easy Abstract Painting/Just Playing around with Paints/Relaxing demo/Project 365 days/Day#0148”. This video is extremely popular and has over 12 million views. I just found the video very cool because of the colors and how he only used a paint scraper. You can see in the picture and my video how I lined up the blobs of paint in order by color. Once ready, I used the scraper to just simply scrap the paints up and down. You can see how there is kind of different sections with a blue section and red/orange/ yellow section. I scraped each section one at a time, just slightly mixing the colors. I tried to scrap right from edge to edge and because it is oil paint it spreads very nicely. Where there were any bare spots, I added a dap of pink as he does in his video which just kind of adds a bit of randomness. My painting turned out a bit darker than his because I used a bit darker blue, however, I like it. The paint is very thick, and the texture is awesome. It is strange because I do not understand abstract art, but I love this painting. I don’t know why, it is just really nice, maybe my favorite.

Me Spreading the Paint
The Finished Product

My Other Painting

The Tree

While I had my oil paints out, I decided to try another oil painting. This one although not abstract was also very different from anything I have done before. It is called Rainbow Tree and that’s really what it is. It is from YouTuber Lumixen Art and the video is called Rainbow Tree – Acrylic Painting for Beginners #42 | How to paint a Simple Acrylic Painting. Although she uses acrylic paints for her tree, I use oil paints for mine because I knew the texture you get from oil paints would look cool with this painting. To begin with, in this painting you first have to paint the tree. This was probably the hardest part of the painting. I took my time and tried to make it look as realistic as possible. I accidentally made that bottom of its way too thick, and I thought it looked really bad. However, the grass at the bottom covers it up very nicely. After this, I just put a ton of yellow, orange, red, blue, green, and purple dots of paint down in their designated area and started dabbing. I cleaned the brush between every colour because I thought it would look better if the colours were not overly mixed. After a lot of dabbing, it was looking cool. To finish it off as I said I just added some nice green grass at the bottom. It was just a nice simple painting that was something completely different for me. It was fun to make, and I think it looks cool.

The Dots

The paintings I made this are completely different from others I have done in the past. However, I think they are cool. Using oil paints come with them with its own benefits and challenges. Although, they worked great for both these paintings giving them that texture and giving me a new skill.

The Finished Product. Notice the Texture

Thanks for checking in this week and as always please feel free to leave a comment and follow me on Twitter.

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6 thoughts on “Painting with Jesse Week #9: It’s an Abstract World & More!

  1. WOW! I am so impressed with your talent Jessie. I was not expecting the last picture of the tree as I scrolled through your post- stunning! I have only worked with oil paint once and all that I can remember about it was how long it took to dry. You are clearly on an amazing learning journey and I cant wait to see what you do for your final piece!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great work, Jesse! I have worked with oil paint a few times and it is not my favourite. I appreciate your videos and photos that show your experience with it, you are definitely very talented. I also like how you tried two different forms this week. Painting is always a fun way to try out different creative ideas. I am excited to see your last post next week!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. First off, these paintings are beautiful! Great job, Jesse! I absolutely love your rainbow tree! I appreciate how you tried two different forms of painting this week. I am interested in what you do with your finished products, do you hang them up in your house? I’m sure they would look great on any wall. If you haven’t already, you should try to learn how to paint through TikTok! I have seen SO many painting videos and I think you could find a lot of inspiration on there! Keep up the great work, I can’t wait to see what you will create next week!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Jesse!
    I am so impressed by your painting skills! I know that oil is a harder paint to work with, I’ve only used it a couple of times and not for a while, but I remember it taking forever to dry. Looks amazing afterwards though! For your abstract, I really like the idea of using a paint scraper on a canvas, I’ve never tried that before but I really like the texture that it creates!
    For your tree painting, I also love the choice of colour and the use of texture! It really looks great, especially the texture of the leaves in contrast with the trunk! Amazing job!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Awesome job Jesse! I am no artist and have never really understood abstract art, but it is awesome that you were able to try a new style of painting as well as using oil paints for the first time. I do really like the rainbow tree and I am not sure of it is just me, I think I liked the way it looked before the paint was all spread out! It is so cool to see everyone else’s comments as well and hear how everyone has different opinions on art.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks for all the positive & encouraging comments, everyone. It means a lot. I have had a great time learning how to paint and it’s awesome to see that other people enjoy my paintings.


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